Should you be worried about condensation on your windows or not?

Every year, as soon as fall sets in and paints of first frost cover the surrounding crystalline; condensation on the windows worries people. It is particularly the case with everyone who had recently installed the windows. They call us in a worried tone and say, “Our windows are about to fail; condensation is all over there”.

Is worrying about windowpane condensation justified? 

Well yes, the people are justified enough. We all know that somehow or the other; condensation is bad on the windows. This signifies that windows are not doing their job well. This also implies that one’s house is not insulated against the cold. However, what most of us don’t ask about condensation is that where on the glass it is actually occurring.

Why condensation occurs?

It is one of the natural laws that happen when warm air gets in to contact with a cold surface. Warm air is capable of holding more moisture as compared to the cold air. As soon as the warm air gets cold; the vapors in it condense back into liquid state.

So turning back to our question; were on the surface of the window condensation is happening. Well depending on the answer; you should not be worried at all.

Condensation on the inner side:

In case, condensation is taking place on the inner part of the windowpane, it is something to be worried about. It is a clear sign of your window not doing the appropriate insulating job for your home. When the surface of your window is cold to be condensed; it is cooling down your house while you want it to be warm. It will not only increase your winter heating bill but also the dampness may cause the growth of spores inside the house causing several serious health conditions.

The solution to inner condensation:

Using fans and weather stripping is a couple of short term solution to reduce the inner condensation. In long run, an energy-efficient replacement will serve to take care of the situation effectively. It will ensure good health, comfortable internal environment and ease to your bank account too.

Condensation on the outer side:

Condensation outside the windows is the main concern for people calling us for what should be done. It can be well taken care of with the help of windows that are energy efficient. They work perfectly to insulate your home. The warmth inside your home travels all the way from outside. It is the location; that the warm air gets in touch with the cold surface. Hence condensation happens on the exterior part of your windows.

Therefore, if you are among people who have been worrying about the condensation on the outer part of the windows that have been recently installed; you need not worry. You now know that your windows are energy efficient. They are doing their job well to keep your house warm by keeping internal heat inside the house. You will not regret investing your hard-earned income into these windows.    

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